Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Help Haiti....

The following was written by Gwendolyn H. Barry and posted originally on MadMikesAmerica, one of my favorite political blogs. Mike is a passionate commentator here. But we all agree the tragedy in Haiti is perhaps the worst to occur in our lifetime. Please help however you can......

Please Help Haiti

Pray for Haiti. Send whatever you can afford. Keep a good thought.... pray. Remember how close to us they actually are. We must demonstrate compassion for our island neighbors. This is a near total devastation.

It is the worst earthquake to hit the Caribbean in 200 years. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the Haitian Capital of Port-au-Prince, where it has devastated the tiny nation, causing an unknown number of deaths and widespread destruction and health concerns. Despite being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti's Internet connected devices were key tools in telling the rest of the world about the emerging crisis.

We live in an era of instant access... we must make it an era of instant compassion. On Twitter and Facebook, eyewitness accounts and pictures are pouring out. The depletion of Hope begins a struggle to recover. Still; there are bight tweets... Carel Pedre, most visible Haitian tv / radio personality has been tweeting the story of Haiti as it picks itself up and realizes the destruction.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Richard Morse used Twitter to convey a sense of how the people were reacting to the devastation: "I'm hearing singing and praying from the carrefour feuilles area. My prayers go out to the folks there."

A Wordpress-powered blog called
Haitifeed is also delivering a steady stream of first-hand accounts as well as mainstream media reports from across the globe.

On Facebook, a group called
Earthquake Haiti already has over 14,000 members. The group is largely being used for people to show support and trade news reports; however, there are some users who seem to be posting critical information including pleas for assistance to injured Haitians. [PC World]

The blogging community can take a lead and pass the news around while making the plea for compassion and help.

[From] Bay County, Florida:

American Red Cross is moving quickly to provide assistance to victims of yesterday’s tragic earthquake in Haiti. Red Cross estimates as many as three million people are homeless as a result of the devastating earthquake. The American Red Cross has pledged $1,000,000 to the relief effort and is preparing to move relief supplies to the affected areas as soon as transportation becomes possible. Sources on the ground in Haiti are now reporting that the American Red Cross office in Haiti has been totally destroyed and the fate of employees is unknown at this time.

The local Red Cross Chapter has begun receiving calls from local residents attempting to locate friends or relatives who live in or were visiting Haiti. All calls for this assistance are being referred to the State Department at 1-888-407-4747.

The local chapter is also receiving calls from local residents who want to volunteer to assist is Haiti. The Red Cross deploys experienced, highly trained volunteers to work in disaster relief operations. Spontaneous volunteers will not be deployed. Local citizens interested in becoming a trained Red Cross volunteer can find out how by contacting the local chapter. Local residents who would like to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti can make a donation to the Red Cross disaster relief effort.

Donations can be made at the local chapter by calling 850- 763-6587, by going on line to, or by...

Texting “HAITI” to “90999” (each text will result in a $10.00 donation to the Red Cross International Relief Fund).

Please help.

posted by Gwendolyn H. Barry on MadMikesAmerica

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