Monday, September 22, 2008

As Usual, Mike Gravel is Willing to Tell the Unpleasant Truth

As usual, former Democrat Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel is willing to tell the truth, even when it doesn't match our preconceived ideas.

Notice the extreme prejudice of the interviewers.


Pink Liberty said...

Very interesting post, thanks. It reminds me that everyone is good and bad, but I don't forget that the policies, actions and beliefs of a government leader matter. A lot. Yes, we can put the personal matters aside, but not when they relate to policy.

Stella by Starlight said...

Oh, Wizard, thank you for that clip. I don't agree with much of what Gravel says about Palin, but he is certainly right that McCon pulled a political rabbit out of the hat when he chose Palin.

Notice the extreme prejudice of the interviewers. Yes, they were quite rude interrupting him. I agree with what he said about the Dems sending us to war as well as the Rethugs.

Gravel never pulled any punches: that's why I voted for him in the primaries. I had an opportunity to meet him, and I have to say he is a dynamic individuals with great integrity. I greatly admire him. He's younger at 78 than McCon at 72.

I had a chuckle when he commented that the longer one's been in politics, the more corrupt they are.

However, I agree 100% with Urban Pink. Palin's personal believe in hard-core fundamentalism, destroying a woman's right to choose (even in cases of rape and incest), her anti-environmental stance, and strong belief in drilling rather than looking for renewable energy resources disgusts me.

Whatever the opposite of a PUMA is, I am. All my best to you both.

shoo said...

The interviewers were not just rude, they were clearly in the tank for Obama. While they noted Palin had the same years experience as Obama, they tried to argue that it wasn't national experience. Um, what was the last President that had any foreign policy experience or any experience at all at the national level before being elected? Not, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, or Carter.

Vigilante said...

Wizard, you are into to your usual selective listening. When you opened up with

"As Usual, Mike Gravel is Willing to Tell the Unpleasant Truth"

I immediately thought 'Oh, Wizard is a fan of Gravel!' and looked for other references in your pages. I found only one:

"I wish I could view the world through the simplistic glasses of Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson or Mike Gravel..."

from more than a year ago. So, I conclude you quote ol' Mike with approval when he's stroking your sensational Palinamour!