Friday, September 19, 2008

It Turns Out That John Bolton Was (Is) Right

Well, this is a fine kettle of fish!

John Bolton, the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations wrote incessantly in every publication and appeared on virtually every radio, television and cable program possible and even appeared at a few neighborhood lemonade stands WARNING the President, Congress and the public AGAINST the agreement with North Korea to exchange massive aid, oil and funding for a promise that North Korea would end their nuclear arms program.

Bolton was a lone voice in the wilderness. While Bolton grumbled, the rest of the world cheered this amazing agreement. Democrats claimed this proved that Bush should always enter into direct negotiations with our adversaries. I'll admit it. I hailed the agreement!

Bolton kept telling anyone who would listen that North Korea had a long history of breaking these agreements. Bolton pointed out that Bill Clinton had already "been there, done that," and had been betrayed by North Korea and by his own failure to get the proper agreements for inspection. Bolton feared the Bush administration was making exactly the same mistakes.

It turns our John Bolton was totally correct. North Korea got all the oil, all the money, all the promised aid and guess what? They are now rapidly building back their nuclear program.

Who knew? John Bolton knew.


Wiz-ziW said...

We used to have people of distinction in the media would who admit when they were wrong. These days these kind of reviews are left to the blogs where only devoted news hobbyists will notice.

Bush also tried & failed to reform Frannie & Freddie back in 2003, you'd think this might be worth talking about.

shoo said...

Heh, I knew too. Mostly because I listened to John Bolton. Poor John Bolton was no diplomat. He actually told the truth. Diplomats must speak only politically correct lies and act horrified if anyone has the audacity to speak the truth.