Friday, September 05, 2008

How Do You Like Your Monster, Dr. Frankenstein?

Eight short days ago virtually no one in America had ever heard of Sarah Palin.

Eight nights ago Barack Obama was basking in the glow of a spectacular Democrat Convention topped off by his own magnificent acceptance speech.

Seven days and 12 hours ago Democrat operatives were celebrating early poll results showing Obama had finally pulled ahead of John McCain, outside of the margin of error.

Seven days and 11 hours ago John McCain surprised the nation by announcing his choice of a little known, Alaskan Governor as his running mate.

Then something very unexpected happened. Lightning struck the extended antenna of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive Laboratory and thousands of little Dr. Frankensteins began to create a monster that would quickly overtake them all. The Sarah Palin Monster was born.

Don't give John McCain all the credit for the Palin. It was the Dems, the Libs and the media that created the monster. And stop calling the public stupid. Americans demand fairness. And they will root for the underdog.

If Dem's had simply ignored her, noting only surprise that McCain chose a second stringer to play in the major leagues, this could have all been avoided. If only Dems hadn't attacked her gender, her family, her daughter and her Down's Syndrome baby.

If only liberals had stuck to the issues and not questioned her ability to be both a Mother and a Vice President. If only Dems had asked the same questions of Palin they would ask of Joe Biden.

If only some deranged Kos Kids hadn't created a disgusting sexual fantasy, a progressive wet dream and then posted it as fact. And, if only the Main Stream Media hadn't picked it up and run with it as fact.

But the Dems did and the Libs did and the Kos Delinquents did and the MSM did... and poof! The Monster was born!

And what a monster!
Rasmussen reports today that Palin’s favorable ratings are now a point higher than either man at the top of the Presidential tickets this year. Palin's acceptance speech was viewed live by more than 40 million people, nearly equal to Obama's.

The new data also shows significant increases in the number who say McCain made the right choice and the number who say Palin is ready to be President. Generally, John McCain’s choice of Palin earns slightly better reviews than Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden.

And Rasmussen backs up the very point I've been trying to make for the last several days.

"Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans believe that most reporters are trying to hurt Palin’s campaign, a fact that may enhance her own ratings."

The more the media and the Democrat blogosphere piles on with loaded questions and anti-feminist rhetoric, the more Americans will rally to her side.

My advice to my fellow Dems and Libs? Ignore Palin. Ban stories about her fom your blogs and websites. Devote the full force of your attacks on the top of the ticket. It's McCain that is running for President, anyway. Give him hell. Treat Palin like the curiosity she is, nothing more. No attacks and especially avoid anything personal.
I know some of you now have some real issues. Too bad. It's too late. You created the monster. By attacking her with lies and blatantly sexist comments, you've lost your credibiity. It just looks like more piling on.
Don't feed the beast. Put her in solitary confinement for 30 days, then let Joe Biden handle her. Have faith. Biden can do it.

Now I would take it a step further. It's not going to happen. But it should.

I think a lot of progressive bloggers owe her an apology. God knows the Main Stream Media does. They should give it to her. If doing the right thing isn't a valid reason for you to apologize, do it so you can take away the sympathy factor.
ADDENDUM: As I re-read my essay tonight I realized I had made a very serious omission. One more person deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the excitement and that is Sarah Palin herself. She is a real and very rare talent, a powerful speaker, a strong leader and a bright and graceful spokesperson for her party.


K McKiernan said...

Its funny... I was just making this very comment to J the other night. All the fanfare (even if they think it was negative) stole all the attention from Obama. Obama *had* been dominating the news cycle but for an achingly long time period now, I have not even heard him mentioned.

And, I think perhaps McCain and his camp were very shrewd to pick someone who had what seems to be easy pickings on experience KNOWING that it would allow them to continually highlight an advantageous disparity between Obama and Palin. Its like we so dumbly fell right into a trap.

I see democrats on news shows and even comedy shows and they so righteously start in on the experience and then the Republicans very wryly hit back and then the democrats just sit there, stunned. DUH!

Jesus, I think Michael Moore may be right in his latest book, _Mike's Election Guide 2008_, that the only people who can lose this election for the democrats, IS the democrats.

Palin deftly set herself up (in her speech) as a potential victim of the media and a champion who did not give a shit what the media thought. Its going to be the "biased liberal media" thing all over again. It nauseates me, but it was brilliant (damn) of her and her flunkies to think of it.

I know many will condemn you for such a post. So often, we want to bury our heads to the problem. I think its smarter to SEE and do something about it. But as you pointed out, it may already be too late to retract the damage done by creating the "monster."

We need to find another way in now to defeat the Mccain/Palin team, and I think focusing on McCain and focusing on the "Change we Need" and will get with Barack Obama is the way to go about it.

Unknown said...

Obama was style over substance. The primary against H. Clinton took much of his luster.

Biden was a very uninspiring pick for someone who's platform was change.

Peolosi and congress has a horrible record, they could have stopped G. Bush at many turns but had no convictions.

Now you have McCain who infuriates Republicans quite a bit of the time with an inspirational VP.

And now the Democrats are on the defensive for the first time this election. They lost the 'change' platform.

Bob Keller said...

K, I don't know if you happened to see the comment I left for madmike over on his blog. I'll bet I've made more enemies... but we are so blinded by Palin we cannot see what we are doing to ourselves.

Here is reprint of my comments to mike:


The Progressives/Liberals/Democrats are so totally screwed up by Gov. Palin it's simply terrifying. Never, in my memory, has a single candidate so totally dominated and perplexed their opponents. Progressives can simply think of nothing else.

Your blog is one of the best examples of her domination over progressives I've seen. Look at your blog page as it is presented to the casual reader when they drop by:



Can't you see you (and vigilante and Stella) have fallen into a Republican trap? The more we pile on Palin, the more sympathy she receives. And, to make matters worse, some of your posts are sexist and unfair.

We keep claiming this election is about the issues.... the ecomony (6.1% unemployment yesterday).... the occupation of Iraq.... our failures in Afghanistan.... healthcare....

But only 2 posts address issues and only 4 address Obama's positions or leadership abilities. 75% of all posts are about Palin.

K McKiernan said...

You are right Lee... they might have momentarily "lost" the theme of CHANGE when the Republicans so audaciously stole it... I mean... get your own slogan. Get creative. I guess everyone except Guiliani got the message that 9/11 was not the theme this year...

But anyone who really listens and sees which issues and stances back up the message....

We never really lost it... The REEPs just think we did.

K McKiernan said...

Yeah, Wiz, I totally get you. I do not admire Palin, like you do, but I can see something even when I don't want to see it.

People don't know how to react to Palin... she is ... well, a SHE... and it baffles and confuses and people just cannot contain their animosity long enough to be civil and make true, fair, points.

You said over there that Republicans care as much as I do. They may care as much as I do, but not about the issues or stances I have. What they care about is far from what I care about.

That is why an extremist like Sarah Palin cannot be allowed to be anywhere near executive orders of ANY kind.

Bob Keller said...

K - You'll notice that your hero and mine, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gets it, even while all the little progressive Dr. Frankensteins like madmike miss the point:

From the Associated Press:

Clinton limits Palin criticism while campaigning

Clinton brushed aside questions about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin during appearances at New York City's annual Labor Day parade and later during a stop on Staten Island.

"This election is about issues, and that's what's going to matter to people at the end of the day," she told reporters who asked her about the Alaska governor at a rally for a Democratic congressional candidate at Wagner College.

It looks to me like Clinton will be the one to pull the Obama campaign out of the fire.

Of course you were right all along. We should have made Hillary our VP choice.

Unknown said...

All your comments were spot on. At some point, don't you have to do more than just question the abuse of power by the media? Hillary got to see it... its not healthy... its not moral.

Where would US politics be if the playing field were level?