Sunday, September 21, 2008

When was it that Gang Rape became acceptable?

What is happening here?

When did it become OK to advocate, celebrate, or even encourage, the gang rape of a woman? How is it that this joke became OK?

It seems that when Sandra Bernhard celebrates the gang rape of Sarah Palin, it's just all in good fun. I understand that Sandra Bernhard is a comedian. So we just laugh and we just snicker. Ha. Ha. Gang Rape. She's just a comedian. What is everyone so upset about?

Don Imus is just a comedian. But Imus became the center of a nationwide controversy when he referred to a women's basketball team as "nappy headed hos." He was forced to apologize profusely, over and often, for his remark. He lost his job(s). He was a pariah.

Michael Richards was much more than just a comedian. The three time Emmy Award winning actor (for his role as Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld), used the "N" word in response to hecklers in an nightclub act in 2006. He also apologized profusely, but his career was over, It ended in one night. He "retired" and hasn't worked since, devoting his life to charity work, behind the scenes and out of the limelight.

So when was it OK to joke about gang rape (along with literally dozens of other vile references)? When did we decide we would not only look the other way, but actually applaud if the victim was politically conservative woman ?

What if Imus simply repeated Bernhard's joke, word for word, but directed it at Michelle Obama? Would it be funny then? Would it be OK?

I believe I've transcribed Bernhard accurately, I've only changed the name of the victim.

"Michelle Obama would be gang raped by blacks in Manhattan if she followed through on her threat to visit New York."

Is that funny? Are you laughing?

Of course the target wasn't Michelle Obama, it was Sarah Palin, and that makes it all OK. I've actually read several progressive bloggers defend the rant and actually blame Palin. It's all her fault. Just like all women who have been raped. If they just hadn't dressed so provocatively, they would never have been raped.

Yep. Sandra Bernhard is blameless. She couldn't help herself. Still, I'm surprised. Black men raping a white woman? Isn't that a racist stereotype? Where is Al Sharpton?

What if Mike Richards makes a comeback and does a new nightclub routine advocating gang rape for Islamic women? How would we react. If we stand, laugh and applaud, how would the world view America?

When was it that Gang Rape became acceptable?


jw said...

It appears to me that ANYTHING is acceptable now, to the far left.

As an independant, I was considering Senator Obama.

No longer. Democrats have lost me and many others like me, be they democrats , republicans, or liberatarians or any independant.

As for rape victim lies?

read this:

Thank you so much for your blog.

Pink Liberty said...

Give hope a chance, vote.

Pink Liberty said...

I'm starting to get annoyed that the left has to be more perfect than the right-wing. We get to make mistakes, too, and those of us who find the trash can apologize for them without abandoning our albeit, soiled, principles. As far as I know, Obama isn't responsible for any of the trash I'm seeing here--so his role pales in comparison to McCain's outright lies, outrageous accusations, and commercials. I'm not surprised that this stuff is surfacing because liberals have been ABUSED for the last eight years.

Bob Keller said...

urban pink, The left DOES NOT need to be more perfect than the right.

Instead that has nothing to do with it at all. That is a fasle argument... a bizarre justification for being wrong.

We either have principles and values or we don't. If we decide to abandon our most important values just because "the other guys do it," what makes us any better?

Of course we are not responsible for the diatribes of Sandra Bernhard or Bill Maher, but, if we let them stand unchallenged, we surrender our principles.

When we laugh unconfortably at Bernhard's extremely racist and sexist blather, we dimish ourselves.

Stella by Starlight said...

I now have another reason for my distaste of Sandra Bernhard. Never got her, never will. That comment is completely inappropriate. No, not ANYTHING is acceptable to the far left, jw. Please don't give up on Obama and Biden: they're centrists.

Roseanne wondered on Bill Maher's show whether McCain would take away women's right to vote. Uspace, I'd be will to bet Roseanne was kidding. I'm not so sure McCon would like to withdraw women's right to vote. His treatment of women makes me suspicious.

Did you hear what she said on Bill Maher? Nobody's even TALKING about the war!

You Tube is slow these days with the politico traffic.

Once again, Urban Pink said it all. She's absolutely right. I also agree with Wizard that laughing at racism and sexism diminishes us. Liberals have taken a lot of crap in the past 30 years. Let's not forget the GOP Congress from '92, Bush I, Ray-Gun, and Nixon. Nixon began the ruin of this nation. And liberals were repeatedly silenced.