Saturday, September 27, 2008

Flying Under the Radar: "We are OUT OF GAS"

My friend Bruce Carroll, the award winning blogger over at Gay Patriot, is begging the national media to get off their butts and cover the widening Gasoline Crisis moving through the south and Midwest. Bruce writes this morning:
As of Saturday morning, most of Charlotte-area gas stations still have plastic bags over their pumps and gas hunting cars zipping in, around, and out of their parking lots. WBT-AM reports than only 7 of 80 gas stations surveyed in the Charlotte metro area have gasoline this morning.

Many parts of the Southeast are in a Gas Shortage Crisis, and the National Mainstream Media continues to ignore it.

Anderson Cooper…. where are you, man?

Charlotte, North Carolina isn’t the only place suffering with gasoline outages, although it might be the most visible. Stations were also running out of fuel this week in Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and elsewhere, with the Atlanta area feeling particular pressure, according to Associated Press reports.

While I know you expect me to be blogging about last night's debate, you all already watched the festivities and have, undoubtedly, all decided on the winner. Let me guess, Progressives and Democrats thought Obama won. Conservatives and Republicans thought McCain won. I thought it was one of the best and most substantive debates ever. I don't need to rehash the debate because everyone else is.

But I do really need to mention again (and again and again) the Nancy Pelosi has absolutely betrayed the public, all Democrats and her office with her sham of an energy bill. Carefully written without one single word of Republican input and designed from the ground up to completely fail and die in Congress, the Pelosi bill was nothing more than a joke.

Had Pelosi simply shepherded through the bill that could have easily passed with huge bipartisan support...... well, Charlotte would still be out of gas this morning. But the country would finally be on the road to true energy independence. We would have begun serious examination of alternative energy sources. We would have cleared the road to more energy exploration and helped start the process toward building additional gasoline refineries.

And here is the very worst part of Pelosi's betrayal. Instead of passing a bill that would have provided strict environmental standards on drilling, Pelosi's instead allowed the Congressional Ban of off-shore drilling to simply expire. So, under Pelosi's non-leadership, Republicans got what they wanted and Democrats got nothing in exchange.

But Pelosi frankly doesn't care about any of that. She is a partisan troll. And it's long past time for her to step down as Speaker of the House. And, if she fails to do that, it's long past time for Democrats to vote her out of office.

The people in Charlotte, North Carolina know it. They feel the pain.

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