Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Betrays America.... Again

Nancy Pelosi must think she is a genius. She must believe she is the modern day heir to the genius of Machiavelli with the power to deceive everyone and never get caught. And, just like Machiavelli she loves the game and loves to win. Her duty to her constituents and to America mean absolutely nothing to her. It's all about the game. And it's all about power.

But she isn't really very good. She is, in fact, the worst Speaker of the House in History. Sadly, she is just barely good enough to deceive a few frightened Red State Democrats who see the McCain surge and the public's overwhelming demand we move toward energy independence as a threat to their potential re-election.

With gasoline prices surging toward $4.00 a gallon, the demand that Pelosi at least allow a vote on an intelligent and comprehensive Energy Plan was exploding with the public. Well over 70% of Americans demanded Pelosi allow a vote. Pelosi held on until a planned summer recess and prohibited any type of vote. She bought her Red State Democrats 4 weeks.

Pelosi got a book tour and America got nothing.

Unfortunately for Pelosi, Republicans kept up the pressure. Even as Pelosi turned off the lights and disconnected the cable television cameras, Republicans met every day, Every day for over a month. And the Democrats who went home seeking a hiding place from the monstrous failure of Congress, found the public was certainly not going to forget, let alone forgive.

The worst, least effective and most incompetent Congress in the entire history of the republic resumed session with a real opportunity to accomplish at least one thing for the good of the people. Pelosi promised she would allow a comprehensive bipartisan energy plan to come to a vote.

Pelosi lied.

Working carefully and in total hiding with a small group of co-conspirators, Pelosi crafted one of the most disingenuous, misleading and destructive pieces of legislation every written. Far from being bipartisan, she not only kept all Republicans out of the negotiations, she even refused to allow Republicans to view the bill until it was brought up for a vote. Naturally, no amendments were allowed.

Pelosi's goal in crafting this legislation was three fold. First, an by far the most important, Pelosi wanted to make absolutely certain that no legislation would actually pass. None. No type of energy bill. She wants nothing to help America. The bill had to be designed so that the only outcome would be failure.

Second, the bill had to provide cover for her freshman Red State Democrats. It had to have the illusion of a comprehensive energy plan, including additional oil exploration. The Red Stater's had to be able to go home and say, "I voted for more oil. I voted for lower gas prices. I voted for alternative energy research, I voted for a comprehensive energy plan. See. I'm a good guy."

Lastly, she wanted total failure of the bill to allow her to have an additional Election Issue. She needs to be able to say "See, we Democrats compromised and passed an oil drilling bill. Drill, Baby, Drill. But those mean old Republicans stopped it."

But everything about her bill is a total lie. It's a hoax or as Republicans call it, a sham.

By eliminating revenue sharing for the states in royalties for offshore oil and gas drilling while requiring states to approve the drilling leases, Pelosi knew it would be unlikely the states would ever give their approval. Why should they? They take all the risk, get one of the reward.

The bill prohibits drilling less than 50 miles offshore when Pelosi knew that, to give an example, 95% of the known reserves off the coast of California are less than 50 miles from the coast.

The American people are demanding we change our bankrupt energy policy which has prevented the U.S. from utilizing our own resources and outsources our money and our jobs and our security to very unfriendly countries.

What needs to concern Americans most is that, faced with the greatest energy crisis in our country's history, Nancy Pelosi purposefully drafted a bill she knew would fail. She designed it purposefully to fail. She decided to give billions of American dollars to other countries. She decided to keep jobs away from Americans and give those jobs to the despots in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela. She decided to deprive America's innovators who might invent the solutions to future energy needs from any funding that could fuel the future.

Pelosi wanted and demanded failure. She succeeded.

How will America reward her and the Democrats who conspired with her? I, for one, am demanding her resignation. I, for one, will not vote for any Democrat candidate for the House of Representatives who doesn't promise to work against her re-election as Speaker.

There is no room for Nancy Pelosi in our leadership.


Wiz-ziW said...

Yeah, well, power corrupts. Pelosi could only get this far down the road with the active cooperation of the media. Without checks & balances all this was inevitable. First they sell you on a crises, then an agenda, and when you are willing to let the truth go to serve the agenda... this is where you end up.

The media has too much power, and the democrats work for the media.

TmjUtah said...

It's gotten to the point where I'm just waiting for crap to start falling in the street. Literally.

We need to throw out as many incumbent congress critters as possible in November. I don't care what the party balance is come November 5; frankly, anything would be an improvement.

I already helped take out Rep. Cannon here in our primary; his successor for the seat, Jason Chavetz, looks pretty good now.

Energy... economy.

They haven't figured out a way to lose the war. Yet. Don't blink.